FOSTER GReyhounds:
aka Connor)

Well, Remy isn't quite a Borzoi, but since greyhounds
are close relatives and in the same sight-hound family,
we consider him an "honorary Chalk Buttes Borzoi".

Remy Martin lives in Los Angeles with Jeanine and is a
retired racing greyhound who was adopted through the
LA/OC chapter of Greyhound Pets of America.  Remy
has been on-the-couch (meaning off-the-track) for
about five years.  He loves spending his days lounging
around, and loves cuddling and playing with his stuffed

When Remy first moved in with Jeanine he was very,
very shy - but not anymore!  Now he thinks that all
people are meant to give him love and attention...which
is true, of course!
What do you mean my nose looks big
when I'm this close to the camera?
I must cuddle...and you must stay right
there as you are my human pillow.
Hey, this soccer ball works well as a
chin rest, too!  Cool!
Foster homes provide training and socialization for
newly-retired greyhounds and are crucial to the adoption
process.  Foster families teach former racing dogs how to
retire to life as a lovable, loyal, well-behaved family pets.

Before being taken in by a foster family, a racing
greyhound has never been a "pet" before.  Foster parents
are responsible for teaching housebreaking and other
appropriate "pet" behavior, including how to walk
up/down stairs, what to do with mirrors and glass doors,
and how to interact with other dogs and people - but most
of all, foster families provide tons of love and affection.

Within a few weeks foster greyhounds are spayed or
neutered and ready to go to with a loving family to their
forever home.
Remy tests out beds for his new Borzoi    
cousins in Wyoming, Borgie and Lovey.
Well, I was sleeping until you
decided to call me so you could
take a picture...
Oooooohhhhhh...big stretch.  
Feels good after chewing on
those rawhides.
Even after being "off the track" for only a
few days, Amos displays classic greyhound
behaviors - and no, these were not posed...
he loves stuffed toys!  Amos was my first
foster, and he was so smart that he was
potty-trained on his first day with Remy and
I.  I'll always call Amos my "bumbly" little boy
since he never seemed to mind bumping
into things (walls, people, Remy).  He was
such an angel - and why I'll keep fostering
newly-retired greyhounds!!!
Tanner is a beautiful red/fawn little boy who
was only 16 months old when he retired.  At
first, he was a little wary and didn't want to eat,
but after a few days, he was eating well, taking
treats and even learning to play with toys!  He
also had a muzzle sore which has healed up
into cute little "freckles".  Tanner is definitely
young and energetic - poor Remy just doesn't
want to play as much as this little guy does.  
Tanner is turning out to be one of the most
affectionate greyhounds I've ever seen!!!
There seems to be a theme of sleeping
greyhounds...I wonder why that is...?
Remy is not known for sharing his toys.
But he does put them away...
Aha - the pose that earned Remy the
nickname "Surly Greyhound"!!!