Oksanna, nicknamed "Anna", was the other half of our
first pair of twins.  She was Majenke's litter mate, and
spent every day of her life with her sister - they even
traveled together in the same crate when they moved
from Maine to Montana!

Anna was such a love - she was a gentle, sweet soul, full
of affection for her humans.  She was always ready to
bury her head in your lap for a quick Borzoi-hug and a
neck scratch.

Somewhere along the line she did develop some strange
eating habits, though, because she always deposited little
bits of kibble around the house - we still find some of her
stash from time to time.  It always makes us smile and
think of our beautiful white little girl.

Check back for more stories and photos of Anna...
This picture really captures the magic
of the Borzoi - while Anna surveys her
domain from the top of the stairs.
Hmmmm, not sure how I feel about
this "snow" stuff, but I sure do love this