Majenke was one of our first set of "twins".  She came
from the East Coast, and was originally described as
having perfect rosebud ears and being very vocal.  And
that she was...she never stopped talking!!!  She was a
love from day one - she watched Dad every morning
when he left for work and greeted him every day when
he came home.  

We often called this little girl our Princess.  When she
first moved to Montana, she refused to set her little paws
in the snow and had to be carried out to use the
bathroom.  So much for a cold-weather breed, huh?!?  
She also deserved the nickname because she was so
elegant, even as a puppy...well, most of the time.

Majenke was also our resident escape artist - probably
because she was always jumping.  Somewhere along the
line she learned how to jump straight up in the air (never
on anyone, just up) and she kept doing it all her life.

Check back soon for more Majenke stories and photos...
Aaaahhhh, sun-worshiping in the
snow, a favorite activity of Borzois.
Hey, where did my big sisters go?  
(My eyebrow always gave me a
worried expression.)  
Majenke's silver markings faded a bit
in her later years, but she was always
our little "princess".
Always the regal lady, Majenke was
a gorgeous example of a Borzoi.