Hmm, I smell something interesting
over there...trouble, perhaps?
Hey, this "snow" stuff is pretty
neat-o, and it's edible, too!
See why they call me "Lovey"...don't I
just look so innocent and adorable?
Lovey (Tzirina Beloved) is one of the newest additions to
our Borzoi family, and thanks to Rhea and Jasper at
Tzirina Borzoi, half of a new set of female "twin" pups.

Lovey is a beautiful tri-colored little girl who is spunky
and fast, sweet and affectionate.  She already loves it
when Dad brushes her, and is definitely living up to her
name...she truly is "Beloved".

Check back soon for more stories and pictures of little
Borgie, don't you think my ears are
clean enough?
Camera, what camera?  I'm ready for
my close-up!  (No one can claim that
Lovey is camera shy, huh?)
Lovey demonstrates the proper
technique for Borzoi sunbathing.
Hey Dad, look what we're doing... we're
posing for the camera!!!!!
The "innocent" little Lovey sits
peacefully...when Borgie comes
up to say, "Come on, let's play!!!"
Hmmm, do you get the feeling that
Lovey likes it when Dad takes pictures?