Borgie is the another one of our new set of "twins" from
Tzirina Borzoi. With many thanks to Rhea and Jasper,
Tzirina Borghese is now a part of the family of Chalk
Buttes Borzois.

Borgie is definitely going to be a big girl, but she has a
beautiful face and a soft femininity about her.  She's a
little quieter and more shy than her sister, but just as
adorable and loving.  

Check back soon for more stories and photos of beautiful
Ahhhh, the life of a pampered Borzoi...
enjoying the Wyoming sunshine!
First, Borgie pretends to hear
something in the distance...then she
playfully pounces on her sister, Lovey.
Just like her sister, Borgie
loves to play in the snow.
"Here I come, Dad!"  Borgie races
up the stairs!
What...more pictures?  Oh alright, but is
it okay if we're sleeping in these???
Little Borgie is as much of a love
as her sister.
Even as a pup, Borgie seems to be an
elegant dog - well, most of the time...
After a "tough" morning at play with
her sister, Borgie relaxes in the sun.
Ahhhh, sisterly love...
As her sister runs by, Borgie says,
"Lovey, play with me!"