Alekse was the first of our Borzois, joining our family
almost 25 years ago.  She was the beginning of Chalk
Buttes Borzois.  

Alekse was the most elegant, loving, beautiful dog - and
a huge female by Borzoi breed standards.  She grew up
with our daughters, and was a wonderful playmate and
protector for them.  She was the reason we fell in love
with Borzois, and is the reason we will always be owned
by Borzois.

Check back soon for more stories and photos of Alekse...
Aha, caught in the act!  Borzois can be
experts at counter-surfing.             
The beautiful plains of Montana,
where Alekse spent most of her days.  
What a perfect example of the Borzoi
breed, always the elegant lady...well,
except for the counter-surfing...