Well, it's official...greyhounds are addictive!  Lynelle, Dave
and Connor caught the "greyhound bug" after meeting one
of Jeanine's foster dogs (and because of Remy, of course).  
After quite a search, since Wyoming doesn't have any
greyhound rescue groups, they found the newest member
of the family - Hardy!!!

Hardy is a big, beautiful boy, and a wonderful example of
perfect greyhound temperment.  He loves his people and is
already winning the hearts of Douglas' residents.  
Hardy fell in love with Connor on his
way home to Wyoming...!!!
So many new things...I wonder what
this smell is???
Who'd have thought Wyoming would be
perfect for greyhound camouflage?
Crouching Greyhound, Hidden Rabbit
What do you mean, this is a fashion
show, right?  I'm ready for my close-up!
Hardy poses in his new Raiders coat.  
All the fashionable greyhounds are
wearing them.
What big boys...!  Connor is growing
like a weed, and Hardy is already tall
enough so Dave doesn't have to bend
down to pet him!